Manny Yip Man 葉雯 is a Hong Kong based artist.
In 2017, Manny graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School) majoring in Painting. That same year, she received the Reaching Out Award from the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

She has been awarded artist residencies in Chicago, IL, USA, and Sofia, Bulgaria.  She is currently available for commissions.

Manny’s works revolve around memories and build another space through dreams. With life experience and imaginings as her sources of creation, she explores the external realism and self-construction.

Her artworks record and respond to the feeling of girls in both reality and consciousness. By being alone, she experiences the unique feeling of objects or things; she finds out the subtle relationship between herself and the unknown world. Her work is often cumulative. Through gestural and dynamic brushstrokes, Manny's works convey ideas related to the female body. She believes that the small things in life will more easily reveal the truth. Her paintings, installations and photographs, show the complexity of a woman’s inner feelings.

Since 2016, Manny’s artworks, such as At grandma’s house and The pink Island, were bought by private collectors, gradually receiving recognition.


2017, BA Degree in Fine Arts (Painting)
co-presented by Hong Kong Art School and RMIT University

2014, Higher Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), Hong Kong Art School

2012, Higher Diploma in Product Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)


2017, Reaching Out Award, Education Bureau’s Self Financing Post-Secondary Scholarship

2011, Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2011, Innovation and Technology Commission, 2nd Runner-up

2010, The 2nd Arts Ambassadors-in-school, Hong Kong Art Development Council

2010, Champion, 21st Bookmark design, Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union

2007, Merit Award, 1st Comic competition, HONG KONG ASSOCIATION FOR HEALTH CARE, LIMITED

2007, Second Place, Asia Exchange Culture Association Philippines Jncorporated

Solo Exhibition

2017, Stand Alone, Chicago, USA

2016, Alumnus Art Showcase: Yip Man, Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School, Hong Kong

2016, Natural & Aesthetics, PMQ, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition

2018, Somewhere Out There, Harbour City, Hong Kong

2017, Reverie, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

2017, Connectivity, КЪЩА Creative Hub, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017, Oscary Art 2017 showcase, PMQ, Hong Kong

2017, Micro-implantation, 2nd Nagist show 2017, Kong gallery, Hong Kong

2014, Tentents, Ma Wan, Hong Kong

2014, Mlik, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong

International Artist Workshop / Artist-in-residence

2017, World of co, Sofia

2017, Taleamor Park La Porte ,Chicago, USA

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