Into The Water

Looking at the past from the present, my painting is an outcome of my imagination towards my childhood. I am proposing to develop a body of artwork that explores ideas to the child’s body through a material and painterly investigation. I would like to rebuild the identity (natural beauty) of the female children body.

My choice of medium is acrylic paint. I use it to layer the paint with thick brush strokes to give personality to my painting subject.I looked back to my childhood.

My selections were all about nature, fresh and pure. I decided to relate my work to my childhood, which I referred to my childhood photos and my younger sister (10years old) as the source of inspiration. The unnatural pose in my drawing and the detailed expression could not be noticed at first glance. There was always a shy girl crossing her leg, revealing the subconscious and her natural response. Thus, I was focusing on the female body through a painterly investigation.Most people just cared about the face and the upper body part, but I believe the subtle hinges represented a person the best, such as the lower part of the legs. It could show the mood and feelings, even when most people would forget about it when they became adults.

Lost, acrylic on canvas, 75x65m, 2017

At grandma’s house, acrylic on canvas, 100x110cm, 2016

Coming up, acrylic on canvas 100x110cm, 2016

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