The places that used to be lively and vibrant is now being abandoned. I am recording and documenting the traces of human activities in my own ways. Since childhood I have a special feeling towards nature because my living place is in a small village where my family and I build our own houses in the woods. I believe my childhood is very different from most of the post90s generation’s as I always have adventures on the mountain and pick fruits on the tree when I was small.

In recent years, the population of the village is decreasing since many people has left.

Their houses are abandoned which inspires me to investigate on the topic of ‘ruins’. I would like to record the story behind the ruins with my favourite media – painting. After visiting many places of ruins in Hong Kong, I recognize my interest in collecting the fragments which are well-blended mixtures of the man-made architectural and natural elements. The collected fragments then become my material for creation. After experimenting with glass and moss, I have chosen a material that has higher potential for creation. Different combinations and sizes of plates have unique effects, just like the arragement of vacant hosues of different sizes.

曾經生機勃勃但現在卻被人遺忘 、 遺棄的地方 。 這裡記載了人類生活的足跡 , 我認為是記錄下來 , 就讓我以最熟悉的方法保存 。 從小我對大自然的事物會 有一種特別的感覺 , 這是基於出生至今都是住在小村 。 房子是和家人一起建 成的 , 家中四周被樹木包圍 , 小時候的玩意是上山 「 探險 」 、 上樹採摘果實 , 相信這與許多 「 90 後 」 有著不一樣的童年 。 近幾年 , 村中住的人數隨日子 漸漸減少 , 他們離開了去 , 而他們的屋子亦隨之然荒廢 , 而 「 廢墟 」 二字突然 出現在我的腦海。 同時 , 也開始想去了解當中的故事 。 希望能利用自己最喜 歡的方法記下來 - 繪畫 。 我會以繪畫的方法記下廢墟的事物 。 為此我多次到 訪香港不同的廢墟 , 而我最喜歡的是當中人為建築與自然已經逐漸溶合為一體 的狀態我收藏廢料的闢好 , 收藏的廢物亦可以變成創作的物料 。 當中我嘗試過 利用玻璃和青苔進行試驗 , 在最後我選用了可塑性較高料 。 不同大小的板塊整 合起來時有著不同的效果 , 就像那不同大小空置的房屋排列出出來 。


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