TenTents / ruins event / 2014 / winter

TenTents is created by five art students.It is a pure, adventurous and independent project.
我們五個藝術學生以 純粹 冒險 獨立 的精神展開的計劃 - TenTents
文: 葉雯 / 短片:藝們

The empty houses are surrounded by plants gradually, which inspires me to think about the relationship between human and nature, hence recognizing my interest in exploring places of ruins in Hong Kong. The natural elements in the work create a sense of serenity and encourage a reflection on human destruction and the power of nature. It also serves as a collective memory to the villagers that used to live in there.

被空的房屋慢慢被植物包圍 , 引發我思考人與自然的關係 , 並開始有興 趣於尋找香港被廢置的地方。把自然原素加入作品 , 藉著藝術讓人們寧 靜 , 並反思人類的破壞和大自然的力量。當中卻為曾經居住的村民帶來 一點點共鳴。

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