The work is about solitude and being lonely. Loneliness is non-logical, because there are people all around us. Yet no one can know what is in our heads.

I had never felt the feeling of silence before. At the beginning, solitude is lonely, I came from a place where I was surrounded by people to a place where I saw no one. But I feel a specialness after participating in the loneliness for some time.

I create a new series in Taleamor Park, La Porte, I read the relationship between my mind and the environment: quiet, solitary, attractive. I focus on the landscape and objects from daily life; they seem close and distant when you look back. There are some things staying with them, even though they seem to be alone; something is coming.

The work is displayed through paintings and installations. They are replying the loneliness through solitude.

“At least they can stay together” -The first day in Taleamor Park, I walked around. The cocklebur stuck on my clothes all day, and I didn’t know it was there until the next day. I felt like it might be lonely. Cockleburs are useless for framers, and they will disappear soon. I collected them from a garbage hill, rebuilding them to show everyone; I hurt my hand but, “at least they can stay together before fire.”

“My Park”
-I collected a piece of grass which was outside my studio, and put it into my desk drop. I worked in this studio everyday, this window is the only view from studio. One day, I spent 2 hours looking at the view. I wanted to make my own park in Taleamor Park.

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