Clients: Google, Olay, Orbis, Delvaux, Supper Moment etc.
Schools: French International School, Diocesan Boys' School etc.

Painting in a music show

Manny’s painting  “Wearing glasses and the eyes ball is dropping” was showing with a fish tank in music show.

Linda Chow - My dangerous bedroom Concert
Date: July 18, 2019
Venue: This Town Needs (1F, Commercial Accommodation, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong)

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Shooting with Fiona Sit in Olay advertising production

Manny prepared a painting for the advertising and as a live painter during the ad.
Production House: 24 / Art Director: Dorothy Lau

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Lecturer for Healthy Comic Strip Contest  M21 

Manny visited 10 more local schools for teaching how to create a comic story (character design).
Organiser: Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration / Co-Organiser: The HongKong Federation of Youth Groups


K11 Art Workshop

Draw Your Pet: Leather Case Workshop
Date: 19 April 2019 (Friday)
Instructor: Manny Yip

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Google World Environment Day

Manny prepared an art workshop (staff only) with Google HK. Apply acrylic paint on glasses bottle with lighting.

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Po Leung Kuk Yao Ling Sun College Resident Teacher

Manny shared her art experience and taught leather making during 10 lessons over three months. The programme was organized by Free Association, promote personal and social changes through integrating the creative power of applied arts and humanity of social work practice.

Website: Free Association
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Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups  Exhibition

Manny works as a project operator for the show, prepared over 50 childrens art in May.
The Collaborate: Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Venue: Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Gepherrini Bag Drawing

Gepherrini is a  Georgian lifestyle bran. Manny designed and hand drawing on leather, displayed in  LCX Harbour City. 

MCCAYLAA Logo Design

Manny designed the lady logo for a new local brand, MCCAYLAA .  MCCAYLAA reveals a confident woman who knows how to let her style speaks for itself. 

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PMQ Drawing on Leather Workshop 

Date: 20 Jan 2019
Venue: Oscary Art , Block A, PMQ

Lane Crawford Art Project with Delvaux  and Subbs

Manny designed the bag display and drew freestyle pattern on the top for Delvaux in 2016 and paint the wall graffiti for Subbs in 2015. 

AndrewKayla   VIP Gift Cards Drawings

Manny designed the drawing for AndrewKayla VIPs thought music. 

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Art Week of French International School 2017

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